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Gönderilme zamanı: Pzt Eki 07, 2019 7:51 am
gönderen kaptangula
Extension Name: mChat image 1.0.8 this is fixed to work with the new cssmagic 3.0


Special thanks to: [username=#FF6600|bold|90]Sniper_E[/username]

Extension Description: Adds an image to mchat



Extension Download:

mChat Image_1.0.9.zip
Note this is styled for default PROSILVER you can create a named style folder and and copy prosilver file over and edit colours to your taste.

You can now link to an image or upload your own :thumbup:

Here are a few images to start you off place the mchats folder in root/images



There is a vip version also but it's in testing on my site vip's there can download it.
Screenshot from 2019-10-06 03-11-44.png

Re: mChat-image

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gönderen Tread
Thank you can you please post the latest version.