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Resmi uzantılarOnly Password Reset

resmi acıklama Resmi phpBB3 3.2 uzantıları.
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Only Password Reset

Mesaj gönderen kaptangula » Çrş Mar 06, 2019 12:37 pm

Extension Name: Email Only Password Reset
Author: martti
Extension Description:
By default in a phpBB board you need to provide both username and email to reset your password. With this extension enabled you need only to give your email address.

Only users with a unique email address in the database will be able to have sent a new password. It is recommanded to check beforehand if all email addresses are unique. When you left the configuration option "Allow email address re-use" in the ACP (General > Board configuration > User registration settings) to the default "false" in your board, this will be the case.

Extension Version: 0.1.0
Requirements: PhpBB 3.2+ PHP 7+
Extension Download: https://github.com/marttiphpbb/phpbb-ex ... master.zip The files are to be put in ext/marttiphpbb/emailonlypasswordreset
Github repository: https://github.com/marttiphpbb/phpbb-ex ... swordreset
Languages: en
Templates: prosilver


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