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Resmi uzantılarPrivacy Policy

resmi acıklama Resmi phpBB3 3.2 uzantıları.
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Kayıt: Cum Ara 28, 2018 10:15 pm

Privacy Policy

Mesaj gönderen kaptangula » Çrş Mar 06, 2019 12:39 pm

Extension Name: Privacy Policy
Author: david63

Description: Adds options for the user to accept the use of cookies, under EU Cookie Directive (2012), and/or GDPR (2018) on the board.

Extension Version: [RC] 2.1.0-rc6

Requirements: phpBB 3.2.2

  • This is a replacement for my Cookie Policy extension which now incorporates GDPR acceptance
  • If you have installed the Cookie Policy extension then that must be disabled and its data deleted before installing this extension
  • This extension has been found to be incompatible with Tapatalk
  • Cookie
    • Block all links from being accessed until the Cookie Policy has been accepted
    • Prevent log-in/registration until the Cookie Policy has been accepted
    • Attempts to only show the cookie/privacy acceptance for users with an EU IP address
    • Show the cookie acceptance box on either the index page or all pages
    • Position the cookie acceptance box either on the left or right
    • Show the Cookie/Privacy Policy page link in the bottom nav bar
    • Customise the cookie acceptance box to suit your board colour scheme
    • Customise the Cookie Policy page colours
  • Privacy
    • Will add a privacy agreement to the Registration agreement for new members
    • Can force all members to accept the Privacy Policy
    • The date/time of the acceptance is logged in the database
    • Can rest the acceptance so that the policy has to be re-accepted
    • Users can see in their UCP > Privacy Data the personal data that is stored
    • Admin option to list who has accepted
    • Admin option to view any member's personal data
    • There are events in this extension so that other extensions can add any other personal data
    • Policy text editor added for multiple languages
    • Permissions added
    • Ability to select which cpf appear on the User page
    • CSV download link
    • Link to request removal of account
    • Compatible with the Auto Groups extension <<new>>
    • Ability to accept/unaccept a user's Privacy Policy from the ACP (Privacy data) <<new>>
    • Anonymise user IP addresses on posts, polls & PMs <<new>>
    • Tapatalk detection and when found display a banner in the ACP <<new>>
    • Download the latest release and unzip it.
    • Upload the unzipped files to [board root]/ext/david63/privacypolicy and enable it in the ACP
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/david63/david63-privacypolicy

    Extension Download:https://github.com/david63/david63-priv ... ve/3.2.zip