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resmi acıklama Resmi phpBB3 3.2 uzantıları.
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Topic Image Preview

Mesaj gönderen kaptangula » Çrş Mar 06, 2019 2:18 pm

Extension Name: Topic Image Preview
Author: VSE

Extension Description: This is an extension that will display thumbnail previews of images in a topic when hovering the mouse over the topic. It's like my Topic Preview extension, except it only shows a preview of the images posted. It will preview either the oldest images posted, or the most recent images posted (they do not have to be in the first or last posts).

This should be useful for boards that focus on posting image galleries. I made this extension just to see if it could be done easily in an efficient way. Not sure what exactly users may be looking for, so please comment if you like.

Configuration settings can be found in ACP -> Post Settings

Extension Version: 1.0.0-b2

Requirements: phpBB 3.2.0

  • Previews images posted using the IMG bbcode (attachments are not supported)
  • Set the number images to show in a preview
  • Set the size of the preview images
  • Preview either the first images posted (oldest), or the last images posted (newest).
  • Images are extracted from all posts from all topics on the page in 1 single SQL query, so it's very low impact on performance and resource usage.

Extension Download: https://github.com/VSEphpbb/TopicImageP ... 0.0-b2.zip
Repository: https://github.com/VSEphpbb/TopicImagePreview

Note: The preview effect is handled by a 3rd party tooltip plug in. For best results, the default settings are what I recommend. Of course you're free to make images bigger or smaller and as many or few as you like, but the preview tooltip could have undesirable results if you go too extreme with the settings.